1995 302 Bock in a 1987

1995 302 Block in a 1987 Mustang GT

I understand over the years the 302 motor has changed. Does anyone know the key differences in a 87-93 302 block compaired to a 1994-1995 block?

I have a 1995 block and am wondering if I rebuilt the short block would I be able to direct swap the shortblock to 87-93 Mustang. Basically will the 87-93 heads, water pump, brackets/pulleys, and intake bolt right up to the 94-95 block? If not I would have to swap everything out in the engine compartment to 1995...heads, intake, pulleys, etc.


1966 Mustang GT Fastback
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Major differences are:
- Hypereutectic pistons
- Timing cover
- Water pump

Dimensions, bolt patterns, etc are identical to the '87-'93. Install the pre-'94 timing cover and water pump, and it should work OK.