1998 Ford Mustang Gt

I have a 1998 Mustang GT. I have let it sit for approximately 5 months without starting it and it will not start now. It turns continously but it will not start. I sprayed a couple sprays of starting fluid and it started and ran for 2 seconds then backfired really loud and shut off.

Could anyone give me any advice on how to start it? I am an idiot for letting it sit for so long with out starting it. Any adivice would be appreciated!
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Is the fuel pump running when you turn the key/ignition to the run position? If not, check your fuel cut-off (inertia) switch in the trunk to see if it popped. Check all your fuses, both under dash and in engine bay. Swap your fuel pump relay with a known good relay like A/C relay. They should all be the same. If fuel pump still doesn't run, it's probably bad. You can also turn the ignition to the run position and check for power to the pump. If getting power, pump is bad. If no power, PCM may be bad.

Hope this gives you something to try...