For Sale 2.5 in 304 SS Exhaust Pipe Build Kit


Jul 27, 2009
Syracuse NY
This kit is an almost complete kit of the Summit racing's Universal rod Builder Kit SUM -670246 which usually lists for 299.99.
Missing from the kit is (1) 180 degree bend. I also trimmed a 90 deg bend and a 45 degree bend, those are the ones in the pictures not in plastic, which are included in the kit.
I bought the kit to do my exhaust but decided that welding the SS was beyond what I was set-up for.
If you don't need an extra 180 deg bend, you can save some money with this kit.
Priced at $225 with free shipping
Located in Schoharie, NY (near Albany, NY)
Will fit any model year that you want to install 2.5" exhaust


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