SN95 2.5 inch Catback on original 2.25 inch x-pipe

pretty much the best vid I found demonstrating the sound. This one has long tubes and off-road exhaust though, but I like the tone.


That Borla sounds great to me. I always preferred Flowmaster on the 5.0, and preferred Borla on GM, but this sounds good.

I have Pypes Violator mufflers that I despise. I am going to swap out for something less droney and more throaty. I get a nasty drone around 2500 RPM, where the motor seems to be in the best power. I get why some people may like the Pypes Violators, but I'm not one of them.
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I believe the Pypes Violator system is pretty loud. I would do a YouTube search for audio clips before spending the money. Most guys lean toward Flowmaster or Dynomax mufflers for that traditional Fox Body 5.0 sound, but it's your car.
Yes, not just loud, but a sound that's unlike what is what's common for the 5.0. If you're looking for a loud and different sound the Pypes Violators are a good choice, but for me they're just loud and droney, not a pleasant throaty rumble like Flowmasters.