2 honks when lock (all doors closed)


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Aug 26, 2022
So I just had to replace the engine in my 2012 GT. Now, when I lock the car with the remote it beeps twice instead of once. So the car thinks something is open and there isn't (checked doors, trunk, and hood..). When the car is on, the dashboard doesn't say anything is open and I can drive with no issues - it is just when the car is off and I lock it that it thinks something is open

I called the repair shop that replaced the engine to explain the issue and see if maybe wiring some replaced wrong? He said that what they replaced wasn't affected with those wires and that it probably just have a faulty sensor on the doors/trunk/hood.

It just seems odd that I never had this issue before it was replaced and now the issue is present. Granted, the engine went to hell, but the car never thought a closed door was open..

Am I right in thinking the 2 are related (something with the installation of the engine caused the car to think something is open when it is not) or is it just my crappy luck?

Is there something I can do to fix it? I am far from a car expert but the repair guy said that it would be like $400 to replace a sensor so if there is anything I can do to not have to deal with that I'd really appreciate the input

Also, if it is a faulty sensor, if nothing is showing as open when I drive, is it actually necessary to replace? Or can I just live with the annoying double honk when I lock it?
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what caused your engine to need to be replaced?

When I bought my used 2008, my key fob had a glitch. I paid to have the battery replaced, but something wasn't quite right about it. It wouldn't quite lock unless I really held it down, and double or triple checked to make sure I locked it. And even then sometimes I know I would lock it and I would come back to the car and it would be unlocked. It's like it would sometimes send out an unlock signal on its own. Also the battery drained insanely fast in the key fob, a month or 2 later it was dead.

I have learned to live with this, I just got rid of the key fob and manually lock my doors with either the button or pushing the thing down, and I always put the key in the hole to unlock it. Once I unlock it with the key I can let someone else in by using the unlock button on the door if I need to. A shop actually recently drilled a hole in my key so put a ring through because after years the plastic hole broke off on the end. It's stuff like this that constantly makes me think about giving the camaro a shot at some point in life to see how it holds up to the abuse.

There may be some programming error they did at the shop, but dealer prob won't take the time to re-look at it unless you pay them for at least an hour of labor. Not worth it. Only advice I can give is just do what I did. 2012 GT has 2x the horsepower I have in my v6 and better mpg. My year mustang is bogus lol. I have 210 hp with 17/24 mpg, you have 412 hp and 18/25. I am missing out on them extra ponies. I feel the burn every day lol.
Should be able to use an IDS and go into "Personality" and change the feature from two honks on lock to one honk. Or eliminate the honk part completely.
Chances are that when the engine was replaced the battery was left disconnected for a long enough period of time that the settings reverted to "Factory" and your preferences were changed back to original. Taking an engine in and out otherwise would have zero impact on how your doors lock/unlock or if the horn honks or not.