2000 GT Vert - 19,000 MILES - Small Add-Ons - $10,500 FIRM - TAMPA AREA

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Feb 21, 2010
Bradenton, FL
****** PRICE CHANGE - $9,500 ABSOLUTELY FIRM *****

Hey guys,

I'm selling my wife and I's 2000 GT Vert. I am located just south of Tampa, Florida (in Bradenton, Florida). The car is absolutely flawless. I am the third owner and it was owned for 8 year before me by a lady in her mid 60's (see history below). I have all the maintenance records as well as a few goodies already on the car (4:10 gears, Bassani X-Pipe, KNN FIPK). You can't beat the milage and you can't find another for the price. I'm not willing to negotiate other than a few hundred to take off the pipes and FIPK. I know what the car "books" for and I know what I'll sell it for. $10,500 is what its worth for me... again... if you want to take the 2 upgrades I have on it off.... i can move a few hundred only.

You wont be disappointed in this car. It exactly as described.


I bought the car with 11,000 miles on it from an older lady in Winchester, Kentucky. It was a gift to her 8 years ago from her husband. She kept it in storage from late fall until early spring. She brought it out for a fun car and didn't drive it much other than to cruise country roads with her new boyfriend (husband died). She had like 3-4 other cars so this was the toy. When I went to look at it there was a light sprinkle of rain. She wouldn't take it out of the garage to show it to me. According to her it had NEVER seen rain... it has now... I'll just be honest. The A/C needed charged (past tense - as when I was looking to buy the car) when I looked at it. Instead of taking it to be charged at an A/C shop she took it to Ford who promptly replaced the entire A/C compressor (have receipt). Needless to say this car has been pampered to the max.

Reason for Selling

1. I'm addicted to buying and selling... i do it a lot

2. I want a truck

3. Dave Ramsey told me to pay off debt

Info on the Car

- 2000 Ford Mustang GT
- 19,xxx miles (I drive it every day... It will go up)
- Convertible (flawless top... no wear signs at all)
- Tan leather interior
- 5-speed manual transmission
- Bassani X Pipe (I have the factory H-Pipe too)
- KNN intake (I have the factory intake too)
- Ford Racing 4:10 gears (installed by a shop)
- SpeedCal (speedometer recalibration for the gear)
- Power drivers seat
- Power doors/windows
- Keyless entry

Again... this thing is stinking flawless. This thing is mint. You WILL NOT be disappointed in this car. Its a heck of a find.


$10,500 FIRM If you want to take off the pipes and the intake I can drop a couple of hundred dollars to help you out... maybe you have those parts already or something.

Contact Info

Email - [email protected]
Cell - 941-448-5345


*NOTE - The car is now tagged with Florida tags. I took these pics a couple of months back. Nothing has changed about it since taking the photos.














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