2001 GT Fuel Injectors


New Member
Jan 24, 2007
I have an 01 GT that has a fuel injector that is going bad. I have looked on Ebay trying to find some injectors that will fit but I want to be sure that it will before I actually make the purchase. Can anyone give me some help before I buy?

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second thought, i have a set of 8 that i have left over after my engine swap... i'll send ya a few for free ... i gotta start getting rid of all this crap in my garage so i can make room for my car lol
The stock Ford C302's are orange. But, some of the 99-04's received the same 19lb injectors but they were the Bosch-Ford yellow top injectors. IMO, the Bosch yellow tops were a better injector.

Then you also have the Motorcraft CM5041's and the AC Delco 2172380's as a direct replacement.