2001 GT Won't Start - Solve This Problem!

Gunny Smith

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Oct 29, 2021
North Carolina
Ok guys, here's one that will blow your mind. I have a 2001 GT that won't start. Here's everything that I've done to resolve the problem. After changing the oil I went to start it and the PATS light was blinking like crazy... These aren't in any order, just a list of what I've done.

1). I had two new keys made.
2). Reprogrammed the ECU to disable the PATS system.
3). Checked all of the fuses both inside and under the hood.
4). Checked all relays.
5). Replaced the crankshaft position sensor.
6). Replaced the camshaft position sensor.
7). Checked the fuel cut off switch in the trunk.
8). Replaced the ignition switch.
9). The OBDII shows no faults.
10). Replaced the gas tank and fuel pump.
11). Have 63 psi fuel line pressure while trying to crank it.
12}. Replaced the CCRM module.
13). Replaced the MAF sensor.

At this point I'm open to suggestions. I'm on the verge of installing a Holley engine management system.

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Jan 14, 2019
Aptos, CA
Spark or fuel? That is the question. To find out if injectors are firing, use a NOID light to check and see if they are acutally getting power/firing when cranking. You can also check power to each coil when the key is ON (red wire is 12v from CCRM (fuse 26 at BJB) and fuse #2 at CJB (left of column). Fuse #2 also makes MAF "hot" so check voltage there too. If you have fuel/spark, you need to dig deeper.


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Feb 13, 2002
weendoggy has the right track in my mind, that was my next question to confirm spark and fuel at the engine.

Just for other reading in case you hadn't found them (my forum search didn't find these right away):

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