2003 mach deck replacement

I have read about other years about replacing the deck but not 03,04. I think they use the same wiring adapter but according to metra it doesnt say anything about mine. what I think I am going to do is install my Alpine 9835 setting the internal crossover to active and wiring the front tweeters and subs to the deck power and crossing them over with the deck. Running the sub output from the deck to the rear subs and having control of them from the deck. One thing I know about the Mach system is its missing the midrange. All it does is run tweeters and subs. I am hoping by doing what I am going to do it will sound better and be more full. Anyone ever do this?
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New Member
Oct 11, 2005
I have a Alpine 9813 with the fully adjustable high/low crossovers and when I first installed it into my 2003 with the mach system I tried several different ways to try to get the best sound. The problem is that the stock tweeters do not have crossovers on them, and they do not run off an amp. I had to install caps (bass blockers) on the speaker outputs on the back of the deck, and then I used the sub preout to get signal to the factory amps for the rest of the speakers. The problem that I had was that there was not enough adjustability on the sub crossover to avoid a large frequency gap between the tweeters and the midrange speakers unless I had the sub crossover tuned off. It was ok, because I could use the sub volume control on the deck to adjust the volume of the 4 midrange speakers independently of the tweeters to try to dial in the sound better. Needless to say I was never very satisfied with the overall performance and ended up scrapping all the mach amps and speakers and installed new gear.