2004 Mach1 A/C


15 Year Member
Jul 13, 2003
Tucson AZ
Problems with my A/C. Started with when i purchased the car, the compressor was not hooked up but was new still had the protective caps over the ports. So I buy the lines that were missing, added recommended oil (manufacture recommendations on tag) added freon and car blew warm air and compressor would only kick on if we jumped the low pressure switch. Put freon to 40psi on low side still nothing. replaced low pressure switch with brand new one from ford dealer nothing. so now when i got the car the previous owner had a jumper going from the low pressure switch to the yel/blk wire (i think that was the color can go look if needed) on the compressor. When i installed the new switch and pig tail (due to it being an updated part from ford) i cut that jumper out. Once i did that the compressor wont kick on no matter what, not even jumping the low pressure.

So fast forward to today, with A/C on max. I checked for power with test light at the compressor, neither wire lit the light. Probed the high side switch, and I want to say the or/green wire when probed it would kick my cooling fan on high speed but would not light the light, none of the 4 wires would light the light, and this result was either plugged or unplugged from the high pressure switch. Probed the low pressure compressor wouldn't kick on and light would not light, again didn't mater if it was plugged into the switch or not. Checked fuses and the one for the A/C inside the car was blown. Replaced it and then again A/C on max, wife jumped the low pressure switch no power to the compressor on either wire. Nothing at the high pressure or low pressure. But the fan kicks on high speed, when probing the one wire on the high side like always. But now that I replaced the A/C fuse inside the car, something odd occurred, when jumping the low pressure, the engine would bog slightly almost like the compressor was working, but the clutch was not spinning and there was not belt slip noise, and the light would not light on either wire at the compressor and no cold air at the vents. I need to take readings at pins 16,21,22,23 on the ccrm still, just wanted to post my findings so far for a little insight from anyone? Possible for my compressor to have taken a :poo: and locked up? The clutch should spin freely by hand with the engine off, correct? Or will I need to have the belt off?
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