Electrical Engine stalls when turning right and pops pcm fuse


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Jul 31, 2023
Hi, I am new to the forum, just bought this 1999 cobra. I drove it around for about a month with no a/c. The car never acted up in this time period. I decided to fix the a/c, the man before me deleted the a/c, so I bought a new compressor and drier, and installed with freon, a/c felt nice in the driveway, but I go down the road a bit, and there is a sharp right turn, as soon as I get about halfway through the turn, the car stalls out, flashes the theft light, odometer reads - - - - - - and the pcm fuse is blown, try to restart the car and it just cranks, no start, pull the popped fuse put new in its place and drove home without a/c turned on and very slowly, and it didn't do it again, I thought maybe it had something to do with the a/c so I unplugged the compressor, the low pressure switch, and the high pressure switch, thinking it that's the way I bought it, took it for another drive and it did fine until I really wanted to (test out) my irs, and it only stutter for a bit until I pulled straight, but no fuses popped. Also just throwing it out there we had the tank lowered trying to find a fuel leak, but never found it so, we put it back up, and original owner replaced ccrm about a month before I bought it, because he was having the same troubles but instead it wouldn't crank it would consistently pop pcm fuse.
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Couple of ideas....since you noted this happened when turning the wheel...I would check under the dash area and steering column for any loos wires or contacts that could be touching or pulling...same with steering linkage to the wheels....you may need to check the connections to the tank since that was dropped as well for pinched wires grounds or shorting.....also...look for wires on any aftermarket items for proper wiring... sounds electrical to me...