2004 Mustang V6 3.9 Wheel Fitment


New Member
Apr 23, 2022
Cincinnati, OH
Hi all, currently a new owner of a 04' Mustang, it's actually my first purchase on a car before. Currently I'm looking for a saleen inspired wheel set, as my friend owned some growing up.

I noticed lmr,com had some of these wheels that looked fairly nice and reasonably priced for what they are. Just curious as to if I should run 18x9 front + 18x10 rear or just 18x9 all around, and the recommended tire width, and aspect ratio. Like I said I'm fairly new when it comes to stuff like this, would love to get some feedback on what you guys know. Thanks!

Link: https://lmr.com/item/WK-S1007S/mustang-saleen-wheel-kit-silver-18x9-94-04