2004 Mustang V6 3.9 Wheel Fitment


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Apr 23, 2022
Cincinnati, OH
Hi all, currently a new owner of a 04' Mustang, it's actually my first purchase on a car before. Currently I'm looking for a saleen inspired wheel set, as my friend owned some growing up.

I noticed lmr,com had some of these wheels that looked fairly nice and reasonably priced for what they are. Just curious as to if I should run 18x9 front + 18x10 rear or just 18x9 all around, and the recommended tire width, and aspect ratio. Like I said I'm fairly new when it comes to stuff like this, would love to get some feedback on what you guys know. Thanks!

Link: https://lmr.com/item/WK-S1007S/mustang-saleen-wheel-kit-silver-18x9-94-04
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Mar 6, 2000
Portland, OR
The one drawback with different wheel and tire sizes in the front and rear is that you will not be able to rotate the tires front to back. Not a big deal. I’m just pointing that out.

Not going to be any help on tire size sorry. I am running 17’s on my cars.