2004 Saleen S281 Speedster (PA)

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Apr 14, 2002
York, PA
I was laid off from my job about two weeks ago, and I can no longer keep the vehicle that I searched forever to find. It breaks my heart to sell it, but I have no choice right now....car or mortgage, can't pay both.

The car is 2004 #270...it has been authenticated from Saleen, as I contacted them directly after I bought it and they verified everything from the previous owner. I am under the impression that this is perhaps one of only a couple 2004's with the n/a 281, white wheels, blue graphics, and a convertible top. The car includes the Saleen Certifcate of Authenticity.

The car has a little over 16k original miles on it and is garage kept. Basically, it drives and runs like new. Never had any problems with it, and it turns heads everywhere you go. Interior features leather, Saleen sport seats, 200 mph speedo, 6-CD, etc...

I have done only a few minor mods: exhaust, '03 Cobra brakes, cold air, plenum, and some chrome underhood pieces. I have all the original parts, including the stock exhaust, in storage. It would take just a few hours to return it to showroom stock condition. I have the original white Saleen wheels in boxes, as I did not want them to become damaged. I put chrome 18x9 and 18x10.5 replicas on it with new Nitto 555's for the summer. All original parts come with the car.

The Carfax is clean, and there are no mechanical issues. There are only a few small rock chips on the paint that were touched up....not really noticeable, but I'm a perfectionist. The top is not faded, and I recently treated it with 303 protectant. This Saleen speaks for itself, and is definitely a rare vehicle. Who doesn't love white-with-blue graphics???? I dare you to find a cleaner and better taken care of 2004 Saleen that turns as many heads as this one!

According to my credit union, current NADA value is $27,500 for this car. I am asking $22,000, which I feel is a pretty fair price for a 16k mile, almost-new 2004 Saleen vert. Please, no lowballers! I can be reached at [email protected], or by PM.

Thanks for looking...here are some pics with both sets of wheels.
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Car has been returned to stock condition except for the mufflers. They will come with the car, as well as the certificate of authenticity.

This is a one-of-one car according to Saleen.
The S281s from 01-04 had a three piece wing, but that looks like an S351 version. Pretty rare as we were never even able to get them through Saleen (I used to be a Saleen parts dealer) even back when the cars were current. Pretty cool.
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