2004 SN95 W/ 3.9L Swap or turbo question

Dec 3, 2020
Hey guys,
I have a very low mileage late production 2004 SN95 with the 3.9L V6.
It's got less than 130,000KMS (80,000 Miles) and runs amazingly well. Not a single tick/knock after it warms up.
The issue is it's slow. Really slow. My Navigator pulls harder lol...
It is also very quiet (expected since its bone stock) but looking for some feedback. It's not going to be a race car, strictly for the street but has anyone put an Ebay turbo kit on theirs v6? I'm just looking for a little more power/torque and sound audibles (be it turbo or V8 rumble).

I am not particular on what V8 goes in, what would be the simplest to swap? I'm open to options but looking for the simplest solution.

So what does everyone think? Ebay turbo kit? V8 Swap? 350 SBC, 302 Ford? Crown Vic? Etc...

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