2008 Mustang Convertible GT- Cluster Assembly upgrade


Jun 19, 2020
A year ago I bought myself the below vehicle for my 80th birthday. It had 62,000 miles and in great condition. I had a new CD, Radio and navigation system and backup camera installed. There are two things needing attention. 1) I would like to upgrade from a four gauge to a six gauge cluster assembly. Went to local Ford dealer not much help and about one third higher than any other option I have looked at. The dummy panel next to the cig. lighter does have a harness pugged into it. I have found several six gauge for sale but one warned if you plug this in and don't have it programmed it could damage your car and cost $2500.00 to repair the car. I was told by someone else that only pertains to 2010 and newer. At my age I don't want to go crazy putting money into the car but would like to have the "My Color" feature. It is difficult seeing the speedometer in daylight. Ford would want $1,000. The second issue is neither the dash lighter or power outlet in the console work and would like to plug in phone.. I have had all the fuses checked under the hood and on the passenger side. Any help or suggestions are welcome. I tried to do the thumbnail but showed both the large picture and thumbnail.
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10 Year Member
Jun 13, 2007
Just look for a good used 07-09 six-gauge instrument cluster either in eBay, Craigslist, or a junkyard. You'll also need the three-button switch panel that goes to the left of the 12V outlet in the center of the dash.
Installation of both is plug n'play. If the mileage on the odometer is close to your car's 62k miles, you won't need to adjust it. Otherwise you'll need to go to a Ford stealership to have the cluster reprogrammed to your car's actual mileage.