2009 4.0 V6 won't crank after I changed the clutch. Codes indicated that O2 sensor bad, so I changed all 4. Same problem, same codes?


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Dec 8, 2018
So Cal.
Ok so I took out my transmission and clutch on my sons 2009 mustang V6. After we put it back in it took some time to bleed out the air from the hydraulic system. Clutch works great, but the engine now has codes for the O2 sensors, throttle body, and EGR valve that were not there before. The car can be pop started but not cranked over consistently. The car stalls frequently when it is taken out of gear, unless you bring up the RPMs markedly. The car will not exceed 3500 RPM's (limp home type symptoms). If you try and go beyond that, it acts like it is starving for fuel. You can punch it and until it reaches that is does feel good. note we changed all 4 O2 sensors and it allowed the car to be cranked over but it is inconsistent. I live at elevation (6300 ft above sea level) and the car is now at my house and will not crank again. As I said we had none of these issues until we changed the clutch (took about 24hrs to get that done). Negative lead off the battery that whole time. Please help. my son is leaving for the air force soon and I need to have this done for him.
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