2010 GT500 or 2011 GT 5.0


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May 17, 2009
The OC
So which one? I have a 2011 on order but my dealer has a 2010 GT500 for a great price. I am trading in my 2010 GT. Car is used strictly for weekends and fun not a daily driver. And is garaged and will never see rain.

Need to make up my mind soon.

The GT500 is Grabber Blue and white stripes. And I know the 2011 GT500 has some nice improvements but is much more money with the SVT pk added in.

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X 1,235,459,057,525,478.......... on the GT500!

:lol: Well I say X1,235,459,057,525,479 on the GT500.

Plus if it is not to your liking(highly doubt that, but stranger things have happened) you could sell for almost the price of a 5.0 :shrug: Just a thought. So basically it just depends on if you want a blower now or later :D