Drivetrain 2010 Mustang GT 4.6L - Off/On Stiff Clutch


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May 30, 2019
*All parts on my car are still either from when I bought it or have been replaced with manufacturer parts. My car is currently at 107k miles and is in like-new condition with no major problems, I also have had no wrecks or hit anything to my knowledge that could have caused this. There are also no sounds when using the clutch.

Almost a month ago, I started noticing my clutch becoming stiff after driving a while without using it, like on the highway, where you do not need to use it a whole lot. After getting off the highway the clutch is stiff and somewhat hard to press in to shift, shifting is no problem. Later when off the highway it is perfectly fine and smooth when pushing the clutch in to shift on regular roads and at stop lights etc. The guy I have taken it to says it is heat build up but says it could be from a number of sources and suggests I try and do some soul searching as many of the options it could be could lead to an expensive fix, which might not even solve my problem.

I have searched for a specific answer on the web and have not seen a similar question like the problem I am experiencing, nor a fix. I also do not want to take it to the dealer as they will just say it is my transmission and charge me out the wazoo. Any help is appreciated.
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