2013 convertible 3.7 automatic gears


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Dec 1, 2016
Hey guys,

I have a 2013 3.7L v6 automatic Convertible. I have had this car for about 4 years and I have 95k on it now. The car has the stock 2.73 rear gears on it. The car has always been incredibly slow to get up to speed, and when I bought it I didn't understand much. In other words bad acceleration. I have done numerous things to try to correct this over the years...

- I have an aftermarket cold air intake.
- I have a pedal commander to improve the throttle body response
- and I have a Bama tune from American Muscle.

None of these things have really improved the acceleration on this car and after reading, people say that I should swap out my rear end gears.

So I have some questions. I called some places and they recommended that I put in the 3.73gears to make the car more fun without gas mileage taking a big hit.

1) How much will this affect my gas mileage? I'm getting about 20mpg combined driving around Long Island NY with the stock 2.73gears.

2) Will my car get less traction if I do this. As this is my daily driver it still needs to have traction in rain and snow.

3) Will it make the car accelerate smoother then the 2.73 gears or will it be jerky as if there is less throttle delay?

I made an appointment to do the gears on Friday the 26th. I really want to know if I'm doing the right thing before I go through with it. Please give me some feedback on this.

Thanks all! Looking forward to your responses.
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