What's it Worth? 2014 California Special with Roush Phase 2 Kit


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Nov 26, 2022
Hey all,

I’m more a chevy guy so I feel a bit out of place here and I have no idea what I am doing.

I’m trying to help my brother sell his mustang. I’m wondering if anybody here could give me an idea how to price it?

Car details:

  • 2014 California Special
  • 2 dr coupe
  • 98,000Km (61,000miles)
  • Automatic trans
  • Has a Roush phase 2 supercharger, professionally installed
  • Good condition – garage kept but was his daily driver, so it has a few minor scratches, typical interior wear etc….
  • Has headers and 4” straight pipes out the back.
  • Leather interior
  • Shaker sound system
Located in Calgary Canada.

If I’m forgetting any important details, please let me know. Any advice would be appreciated!
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Tough question There are two Bosses advertised here in Maryland a 2012 for and a 2013 at $30k. 2013-14 GTs are around 20k. I know apples and orange's because of the super charger and your location but $20-30K may give you a starting point. What does it cost to add a stage 2 roush supercharger to a GT up your way? I would recommend really doing your homework on a supercharged car with 61K miles it could be cream puff or had the stuffing raced out of it. How did the PO take care of it? You said it was a DD so it just did not sit pretty in someone's garage waiting to to go fast. Because of that I always have trouble valuing modified cars.