Video 2015 Mustang Gt Roush Phase 1 Supercharger Kit Install Video

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Well the time has come, grab your favorite snack and beverage of choice. Here it is the largest install video to date brought to you by Bill Tumas and CJ Pony Parts. If you haven't realized by now we are your one stop shop for all things 2015 and well I'm going to toot our own horn here and just come out and say it, we have the BEST install videos on the market here at CJ Pony Parts. So grab that comfy chair sit back and watch as Bill transforms his 2015 into a supercharged beast.

Today we are showing you how to install Roush's Phase 1 Supercharger kit on our 2015 Mustang GT. One of the biggest requests to date has been how to install a supercharger on a Mustang, since the day Bill got his new 2015 he has been talking about putting one on, and has chosen the ROUSH charger system to boost his GT up to around 627 horsepower.

Installation is a little complicated and very time consuming. Watch as we take you step by step how to install the Roush Supercharger.

Roush 421823 Mustang Supercharger Kit Phase 1 Manual 5.0L 2015

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You guys never let us down. Not only do you provide great support to the community here, CJ Pony parts produces great install videos of the best quality hands down! Nicely done guys, keep up the good work.
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