Expired 2014 Mustang Gt 1400miles Project /salvage

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Dec 21, 2011
I have a 2014 mustang gt that I bought wrecked back in April. Started working on it right away but then Ive been slammed with work since then. Car has been sitting wrapped up in the corner of my shop since then. I have three huge projects coming next week so I need the room and won't have time to get to it. I had big plans of building a 750hp street car but that will have to wait.

2014 mustang gt 5.0 6spd manual.1440 miles!!!!!!!!!!
Long story short I bought this car back in April. It was in a small wreck which for some reason they totaled . From the looks of the collision damage, some inexperienced driver lost control and struck 2 small street signs. That's the only thing I can think of when I purchased it. I had big plans for this car , but time has not been on my side. Once I picked it up , I took it straight to my buddy's body shop since it's my belief he has the best frame guy in the cleveland area. We tore it done and tony started doing his thing getting this car perfectly sqaured . but business has been crazy so I haven't had a chance to touch it. So here's a list of the damage when I got it.
Smashed hood
Bent upper core support
Both headlights had small cracks.
Buckled passenger fender
Scratches on front of passenger door
Dented driversrear quarter panel
Cracked drivers tail light
Cracked bumper front and rear
Tweaked left front frame rail
Blown drivers wheel and seat air bag
Bent radiator / condenser
Once we got it on the frame rack we opted to section in the quarter. So we wouldn't have to deal with the door jamb( see pictures)
So good old tony straightened the front rail, made sure the rear was squared . Installed new right fender, hood from Shelby , and check figment with head lights, and tail lights. Once he was all done I brought it back to my shop. I spent one night working on it and that was 5months ago. It's been sitting wrapped in plastic in the corner since. As much as I would love to finish this car I have zero time and I have 3 huge projects I just took on that will take me through summer. So my loss is your gain. I spared no expense for the parts I have bought. Everything is from ford including the 900 dollar headlight all brand new with receipts. The only thing I got used if you wanna call it used was a gt500 hood and radiator I picked up at Shelby when I was there in May. This is the perfect project car to build something sick out of. Below is a list of the parts I do have all new from ford and a list of things I still haven't bought. Feel free to email me with any questions or if you would like specific photos. Car is square and ready to get put back together. Oh other thing , the wheels that are on it are just 300 dollar rollers . It had factory 19s but I sold them to my buddy because they looked like pizza cutters with the 235s that ford puts on from the factory. And yes the car does run and drive with no problems. The only thing is the service advanced track is on . This is the perfect opportunity to make this car your way. Car is for sale locally so I do have the right to end auction anytime.
Parts I have bought
All these are brand new from ford with receipts
-passenger front fender
-drivers rear quarter
-drivers rear tail light
-front drivers and passenger headlights
-front gt500 bumper
-gt500 chin spoiler
-gt/boss rear bumper
-upper core support
From Shelby
-gt500 hood
-gt500 radiator
Parts it still needs
Rear bumper air diffuser
Seat airbag/cover
Wheel airbag
Ac condenser
Miscellaneous plastic brackets for front end
Drivers rear bumper bracket
Ac charged
Service advanced track which is usually just a reset(done these rebuilds before)
Cat back
Badass wheels
Paint and reassemble

I have over 19k into it. 16500 or best offer

I have a tone of pictures i can email over.all gaps are perfect and car is 100 percent square

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