Expired 2015-21 Roush RS3 Paladium Grey 20x9.5 Wheels W/ Tires-$1400

Located in Lake Worth, Texas only $1400! Fits 2015-2021 Mustangs.

Only 9400 miles on my car as well as these wheels and tires.
First owner rarely drove the vehicle so they never got rotated before I swapped them out for wider wheels.
The set that was on the rear is low on tread I wouldn't exactly try and put another 12,000 miles on them.
However the front's can be rotated to the rear as they have plenty of life left! See pics below.
These wheels alone would cost you $1400 plus shipping let alone wouldn't already have 275/35/R20 tires on them running you another $400-$600 for a used set.
Wheels are in excellent condition zero scratches.


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  • Front Tires.jpg
    Front Tires.jpg
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