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  1. W

    For Sale Foxbody 4 lug 93 Cobra R Wheels and Tires - $450

    Take offs from a project car that i recently bought. Wheels are in good shape. A few scuffs but over all 8/9 out of 10. They are 17x8 4 lug. Tires are 245/45/17. They have good treads but are a mixed bunch. Can’t complain for the price. Good for the budget builder. Would also trade for a steel...
  2. F

    What’s this wheel set up on Foxbody?

    I’m looking for a new wheel set up for a 93 notchback. I came across this one and really like it. For the guys that know wheels and tires. What size wheel/tire with backspacing does this look like? Thanks I’m advance!
  3. D

    Need help with suspension, wheel + tire size, 91 Fox SN95 5 Lug

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a SN95 5 lug conversion kit with 94-95 spindles, Cobra front and rear brakes, and fox length axels. I plan on lowering the car around 1 inch, and wanted to ask some questions regarding ride height and suspension setups, I am thinking of buying adjustable...
  4. Shaykenbayke

    Expired 2015-21 Roush RS3 Paladium Grey 20x9.5 Wheels W/ Tires-$1400

    Located in Lake Worth, Texas only $1400! Fits 2015-2021 Mustangs. Only 9400 miles on my car as well as these wheels and tires. First owner rarely drove the vehicle so they never got rotated before I swapped them out for wider wheels. The set that was on the rear is low on tread I wouldn't...
  5. B

    Fox Tire options for 90 fox with 17x9s

    Doing a ground up restoration on a 90 foxbody. Planning on doing a cobra clone body kit. have swapped to sn95 spindles and 10th anniversary cobra calipers and tubular A-arms. I’m wanting to put on machined 03 cobra wheels (17x9). Was hoping someone could share with me how big of a front tire I...
  6. E

    Best tires for 88 Foxbody GT?

    Just picked up my first foxbody and was looking for opinions on the best all season/summer tires. Also was wondering what size I should run to get the best grip, currently it has 215/55/R16 in the front and 275/40/ZR17 in the back. Which brings me to my next question, is 16s in the front and 17s...
  7. C

    What's it Worth? In the market for new wheels

    I'm in Toronto Canada and I'm in the market for new wheels for my 2003 GT. I currently have 17' Cobra replicas on the car that are in perfect condition. 17x9 in front and 17x10.5 in the rear. These will be for sale when I find my replacements. I'm looking for 18'x9 and 18'x10. If you have...
  8. J

    Cobra wheels

    I’m new to the Mustang world. I purchased a 98 Cobra last fall. I’m considering selling my wheels for a new set. Any advice on where to post? I put them on Atlanta Craigslist, but the ad is drowned out by all the other parts ads.
  9. B

    Deep dish rim question 2001 Bullitt

    This maybe a silly question but would it ok if I got away with only deep dish aka 17x10.5 rims on the rear and the stock rims on the front ? That would mean a stock 245 on the front and at the largest 315 on the rear. Would that cause any complications and if so what’s the largest wheel and...
  10. D

    Best gearing in relation to wheel size?

    Hi everyone, it's my first post here so bare with me. I have a 02 gt with basic bolt ons like Cai, exhaust, custom tune, ect. I really wanna push more with my car and I've been looking into gears. I really want 4.10 but I'm a little worried as it is a daily driver. 3.73 sounds a little more...
  11. S

    For Sale 2003 Mustang gt wheels

    Perry Hall, MD - Up for sale are 4 OEM Mustang gt wheels. Two of the tires are worn and 2 are in decent condition. These were original wheels that were used as a winter set up. I have sold the car and no longer need these wheels. Will consider shipping a buyers expense. Asking $500 obo.
  12. A

    Brakes Shaving 1/16” off rear brake caliper

    Trying to put 15x10s on the rear of my 06 gt, reverse of what everyone says there clear my sway bar but because of how they’re shaped they barely don’t clear the calipers. I’ve heard of people grinding down the top of the caliper to make wheels fit and I’m wondering if this can be accomplished...
  13. M

    1966 Mustang GT Tires and Wheels HELP

    Hi, new to this forum, I have a 1966 Mustang GT Coupe with 14x6 Steel Styled Wheels and Radial TA's on it. I'm interested in replacing the rims with 15x7 Steel Styled Wheels and new Tires. However, I don't know what size Tire I can get for those rims without rubbing. I would like to get 4 of...
  14. P

    For Sale 2014 Shelby SVT tires and wheels for sale

    2014 Shelby GT 500 SVT tires and wheels for sale. Tires switched out at 2500 miles for new wheels and tires. These are mounted and balanced ready to install. 7/32 threads left on tires. $3,500.00. Located in Atlanta Ga. please contact Eddie Presley at [email protected].
  15. R

    For Sale Set of 4 Bridgestone Blizzak on KMC Wheels

    Hey everyone, recently sold my 2014 GT and these snow tires and wheels need a new home. Here's the specifics: Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 P255/40R19 KMC District 19" Wheels, Black painted aluminum Bought new, mounted and balanced in November 2017 for $2600 Price: $1800 Location: Enid, OK...
  16. ProjectDemon

    Need negative offset for widebody kit?

    So I’m looking at putting some fender flares on my 2010 gt, and I want my wheels/rims to be flush to the flares (obviously). Any suggestions for rims? I can’t seem to find any that provide a decent enough offset to make sure they sit flush. The kit is 75 mm (3”) flares and right now my wheels...
  17. Tootzilla

    Looking For Wheel Recommendations (12' Gt)

    Looking for recommendations for wheels and tires for my 2012 GT. I love the way it currently sits (see picture), drives, and handles. I'm running P245/45R R19 in front and P275/40 R19 in rear. This was the setup when I bought the car several years ago and I have stuck with it. I'm looking...
  18. Rdub6

    Sve Saleen Sc Wheels

    I’m looking at the SVE Saleen SC wheels from LMR. First, I’d like some feedback on the quality. Seems great when you see the price, but I’ve always been a “you get what you pay for” kind of shopper. Second, has anyone had them on an 86? Just wondering if I will need wheel spacers for 17x8 up...
  19. L

    Will Different Sized Tires Work?

    Forgive me if this is the wrong spot, it's my first post! I'm looking at getting 305/45/18 nt555r's in the rear and 275/40/19 nt555's in the front of my 2014 5.0. I know that if tire sizes vary too much it can throw off traction control, are these tires close enough to run without issue? (I...
  20. K

    1966 Mustang Wheels

    I am a young car enthusiast and I want my Mustang to stand out. I am looking for a wheel that has a pro touring style and is more modern. Any advice will help me along my journey thank you for your time.