289 or 351W + Brake Question


5 Year Member
May 20, 2007
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Hi All,

I'm doing the 6cyl to 8cyl swap on my 65 2+2. I have a 289 from a 67 Mustang and also have a set of Ford Motorsports aluminum heads which I will be using for a reliable street motor with a nice lopey idle. I should be able to get 325-350 hp out a 289 no problem with those heads. Part of me is still thinking 351W though as they have a nice sound when done.

The 289 is in complete need of rebuild so at this point it dowsn't matter which way I go. What are your suggestions?

Also, with the Granada disc brake swap. I am thinking of using styled steel wheels aferwards but I know the snout on the Granada rotors is too large for the opening in the stock wheels. I have heard that people have the rotor snout turned down to fit the original wheels. Anybody know the success rate of that? Is it safe etc?

Thanks for your help.

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