3" exhaust, DP to tailpipe....Wow


New Member
Apr 10, 2004
I bought the car(89 lx that had an 88 TC engine swapped into it) two weeks ago. It ran pretty strong, however I did not like the way the exhaust sounded.

It came with a 2 1/4" crush bent exhaust and Dynomax muffler.

I bought some mandrel bent tubes from summit and last weekend cut and welded a 3" exhaust from the downpipe to the tailpipe using a 3" Flowmaster Delta 40 muffler.

I was very surprised with the increased power. The turbo starts to spool at lower RPM's and gets to full boost sooner. I wish I had some way to measure the increase in power, however from the seat of the pants it feels like 20HP.

The car sounds much better(I love the way flowmasters sound) and runs a lot stronger.

It cost me about $130 in materials and 6 hours to build it.$220 including the muffler, which I had from an unfinished project.

I would recommend this as the next mod after a CAI is installed.
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