3 inch tailpipes?


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Apr 18, 2004
Largo, Florida
Where can I buy some 3 inch tailpipes? I need tailpipes, not just the exhaust tips.

I know Dynomax and Bassani have them, but Bassani wants $200 for each tailpipe, which comes to $400 for the pair, not happening :nonono:
Mustangs Unlimited has Flowmaster 3 inch tips, are these any good?

Pics and prices are appreciated :banana:
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if i was to make some tailpipes, i'd probably buy some exhaust bends from jeg/summit or someone and have someone weld the stuff togther... along with some ractive 3" tips

i'm not sure about the mustang unlimited tails, don't konw how much they are... but 200 for each tailpipe sounds REDICULOUS... that's almost at much as a whole system

if that doesn't sound good.. you could but a set of aluminized flowmaster tails (the cheaper ones, not stainless) then chop off the tip and weld on a ractive 3"... not sure how much that would come out to - probably just under 200$