3 X-chargers being installed at Afixer's


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Apr 3, 2005
3 X-chargers being installed at Afixer's Date Change

so it looks like 3 of the x-charger installs from the group buy will be happening at my house next weekend Saturday the 10th beaustang, Pat667 and 4v6. Dave from EE is coming down and will supervise the installs. but most of the work will be me and the boys. my house is pretty much under construction still and it hurts to give up the day. but this should be fun. so anyone in the so cal area wanting to see the x's up close and see the install process, pm me and ill give you directions. it should be fun I'm hoping we can get a little run in after. also if any other so cal guys got in on the buy we could prob do yours also. i helped Dave and its pretty strait forward just allot of steps. so my goal is to do these together. i fly model helicopters and its best to build them so you get an understanding of them. this is a good shop class. supercharger 101! i hope eddy and martin learn allot from this. between Dave and my tools Dave and my supervision. we should be done fairly early.

obviously the 3 x-charged cars will make for a fine photo op. well it also looks like one of the mustang mags has asked to come buy and shoot some pics also.
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we had a group buy on the 4.0 collective. it sold 18 units . im sure someone posted here. at 5 it was 400 off 10 was another 200 so all the guys got a total 600 off
ok so when life hands you lemons make lemon aid! and everything happens for a reason. Right! anyway looks like rain will delay the 3 X-charger installs for 2 weeks , yea i know it kinda sucks and i know that marty, eddy and Phil ( Eric) inside joke. will be chomping at the bit but heck look on the bright side. since we have 2 weeks notice it looks like Doug from bamachips is coming out! so now we have dave and patty from EE and Doug from Bama a mustang mag to take pics and lots of spectators. heck i may have to get a permit! i def will have to get 3 turkeys to fry now instead of 1. so anyway i have talked to ED,Martin,Phil,Dave and Doug and its a done deal. so sat the 24th mark your calenders. heck i might even set up my web cam if i can get a host to post it we will have a live feed !
all went well we finished all 3 by 6 pm here is a little video i put together


and here are some pics taco bill took

pick 2037 is doug from bama chips
2042 is dave from explorer express and doug
2038 is dave, ron (nav), and phil (pat667)
2043 is eddy (4liter6)
2047 is eddy , doug and pete (petepete)
2057 is eddy and me doing the web cast ( i was walking around with my wireless laptop
2066 is marty (mwood/beaustang) dave and doug.
http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v...ws/X_Charger install party 2-24-07/?start=all
come on! thats not a good story! tell us who everyone is that are in the pics. i think taco bill is the the asian guy with the red GT, but i am unsure about everyone else.

how did you do the installs? one right after the other, all three at once? have any trouble mixing parts from other cars? did doug from bama come out to cali for the party?

come on, we want details! :D
yes doug from bamachips and dave from explorer express were there. so was stickman. manehawk, leogt, beaustang he was the silver instal, ed was the blue install 4literv6, and pat667 was the white install. nav from the 4.0 also flew out from back east he also has a yellow with an x he installed a few months ago. when he landed he went right over to hertz and pick up his hertz gt we had about 15 mustang there doug is the tall short haired guy with the black x charger shirt on and dave is the guy at the end of the video. we started around 9am i put the table between the cars and we passed the tools around the last car started around 6 pm. each guy worked on his own car and dave doug ron and myself floated to assist with any help that was needed. i also fried up 2 14lb turkeys and we had sodas and chips. it was a fun time for all.