32v Thermostat Housing/Water Inlet & Outlet Help


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Jul 14, 2020
Richmond, Va
Was hoping some of you could help me out!?

Working on getting to the final steps of 2000 GT project and having some trouble locating information to order some of the right parts.

I have a 4.6 32v DOHC motor I sourced from a 2004 Mach 1 for my swap, it did not come with the thermostat housing, I know on these the housing assembly is made of two parts that bolt together to house the thermostat and sits independently from the engine connected to the coolant hoses, I am trying to make sure I order the the correct upper and lower pieces of the housing assembly.

The problem I am running into is I can’t seem to find anywhere that sells both upper and lower in the same place, I know they are often referred to as the water inlet and outlet as well but not 100% sure on which side is which, anytime I find the parts with any pictures the upper and lower parts look the same just from the photos. The only place I can find a whole assembly or any pictures that look like they make sense to fit is eBay, but I prefer to buy new ones and order from a parts website or store.

Any help with coolant flow diagrams, clarifying the correct names for the housing pieces, places or links of trustworthy place to order, or if any of you with the same style coolant setup that could post a picture just so I can get a clear picture in my head of what I have to make happen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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This is the Cobra/Mach 1 tstat housing; is this what you're having trouble finding?



From a quick internet search, several places sell both parts as a complete unit.