351 forged or not?


it's built for speed not longevity, woman
Dec 26, 2006
Thomasville, ga
i am buying an advanced auto parts replacement 351 and i am trying to find out if it has forged pistons like the factory 87-93 302 h.o.'s i was told they did but i dont think they do im just trying to find out fot sure, the guys at advance auto parts have no clue already tried that. the 351 im purchasing is an 85 truck based model.
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The mass rebuilders that sell to chain places like Advance and PepBoys almost always use the cheap cast pistons, especially on an American V8. I doubt they would even bother w/ hypereutectics since they cost more and would eat into their profit margin. If you want forged, you have to buy a motor from a source that specifically advertises forged pistons, like Ford Racing, CHP, D.S.S. or whoever.

As far as I know, none of the factory-based 351's got frorged pistons only 86-93 5.0 h.o.'s did.