3D Printed parts, emblems, bezels etc.


Sep 25, 2015
Good Evening Friends!

This will be my first official post, although I have followed for a long time. I have been building cars for 15 years as hobby; some include a 347ci '93 LX, 2003 Terminator, 2002 Lincoln LSE. I worked with Sterling Hot Rods for a couple years and found my passion for fabrication. Over the years I have been in Engineering school and looking for a side hustle. Then it hit me, 3D printing. Now armed with my own printer, I deciding to venture out and see how I can contribute to the automotive community. What better than to combine both my passion for cars and designing? As mentioned, my first true love was a '93 fox, so I started here to see if there was any interest in 3D printed parts.

I am currently using a printer that uses PLA (hard plastic) that melts about 200deg. The print area is 8"x8"x10". I am able to make larger items, assuming a modular design. It is great for interior pieces, bezels and emblems. Sands well and accepts paint beautifully. Can be used in engine bay DEPENDING ON LOCATION. I tend not to put things close to/on engine as they may see higher than 200deg.

Hopefully, you all can help me expand my skills while making you all some cool stuff! I have a design program (Solidworks) I am able to build some renders and drawings if needed. The goal is to make parts for any and all at an affordable rate!

Here is a little bit of my work.

DM me, talk soon!

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