3D printed parts, spoiler & side moldings


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Sep 25, 2015
Been a bit since I shared some of the projects. Took some time to get some more design certifications to expand my CAD capabilities. Have a couple parts I wouldn't mind some criticism on...

Side moldings - a bit thin (.1mm, look to double) and the pocket along the outside is a bit undersized. Going to exaggerate the fillets at said pocket edges to give it a more sweeping look. Seems to butt up nicely to the fender though. This will allow me to incorporate a tag light like the Capri RS if I chose down the road. May print out of ABS and call it a day or create molds for fiberglass/carbon fiber. Will build in bosses for threaded inserts. Mounting pts TBD


Spoiler - I have been toiling with this one. I like the angle but want to extend top face .125" give it a bit more depth. May look to build up the side walls on the backside to mimic a terminator look. Not sure on the mounting method yet. Going to take off the "vertecies" and replace with a bit softer edges... no where on the car does it really come to a point. I think that's whats throwing me off. This piece will be carbon fiber. **DISCLAIMER IT IS PURELY FOR AESTHETICS. UNDERSTAND THERE WILL BE ZERO BENEFIT TO ANYTHING OTHER THAN LOOKS** I saw my simulations for the intake I have in the works =]

Any ideas/bumps in the road you for see, let me know!

Also - If you need something mocked up/printed let me know! I am trying to expand my clientele outside of Raleigh!

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