4.6 2v differences


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Apr 29, 2020
San Antonio
I'm right in the middle of 4.6 swapping my fox body. I'm at the point where all that's left is to drop in an engine and figure out the wiring(I have a 99' GT harness), however, finding an affordable PI 4.6 out of a mustang is proving to be a challenge. There are a ton of F-150, crown vic, town car, etc, PI 4.6's for cheap. If I were to use a non mustang 4.6, what all absolutely has to be swapped over to the mustang version?
I know the intake manifold and flywheel(I'll be using a T-45), but I've seen write-ups where people say you have to change timing covers, pulleys, oil pans, and a few other misc things... I'm just trying to figure out if a cheap non mustang 4.6 is worth it, or spending a bit more on a mustang engine to not have to change a bunch of stuff.
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