4.6 in a 96


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Mar 23, 2006
hey guys anyone put a 4.6 into a 96 mustang?? i got a killer deal on a wacked 6 cyl and have a buddy who has a 4.6/t-56 combo with wiring,computer etc, are there parts available to do swap or will i need to make parts?? thinking of throwing a charger on the motor also, will there be any clearance issues?? if anyone has done it, got pics? thanks
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ok, as you can see i am ford illiterate, i have been a chevy guy. its a 4.6/t 56 out of a 2001 mach 1 that i can buy cheap, so it will go right in the 96?? my buddy was telling me he thought there would be some issues. are we talking about the same motors, the 4.6 is a single cam right?
Then there is a slight difference.

The 4.6L that came in 96GT's is a SOHC 2v engine(2 cams, 1 per head).
The 4.6L that you could get is a DOHC 4v engine (4 cams, 2 per head). Wiring/fuel/computer stuff might be an issue but it should still be a doable task. Just keep in mind that it won't handle more than 450RWPH without forging the internals as only 03/04 cobra engines (4.6l 4v w/ blower stock) have forged internals stock.
the only two obstacles that i can think of off hand would be

1- you need a 96-98 GT k-member, or have the motor mounts remouted for the V8

2- the 6ers have 7.5 rear ends. you can make it work with that, but if it were me i'd definately try to get a 8.8 & put in at thesame time. since you're a chevy guy you should know those 7.5's don't hold up well ;)
actually now that i think about it, i have a friend that did this swap in his 98gt (but with the 3650 tranny). he goes by yellow4.6 on several boards. i'll see if i can get ahold of him & have him post some pics of his swap in here
i see one more problem with this. they didnt make the mach1 in 2001, so it cant be that engine. make sure you know what you are paying for.

because you shouldnt pay the same price for a gt engine and a mach engine. a mach engine is a more expensive engine and it is a 4valve. the gt engine is a 2 valve.

find out what engine it is.
Maybe you mean a Bullitt? Are you sure it has a t-56? If it does, you'll need the T-56 swap parts too, crossmember, shortened DS. I'm assuming you're taking the clutch setup. Also keep in mind that that T-56 is probably made for the 01+, which has a different speed sensor setup, so you'll probably need to switch out the tailshaft and get a Speedcal. Although, this depends on if you plan on running the computer from that year, in which case you'd wanna swap the gauges too, I'm guessing.
it is an 04, with 5 spd, friend who has it is the body shop manager at a ford dealership where the car came into, i just missed the details the first time i talked to him, and like i said i am a chevy guy and this will be my first ford car, i do have a 7.3 ford truck.
so, the car i can get is a 6 cyl auto, i am sure i can find pedals etc, what else should i need or look for?