4.6 SOHC to 5.4 SOHC


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Aug 3, 2000
Rush, NY
In my never ending quest for more torque done cheaply I keep coming back to the 5.4 SOHC from a 99 up truck or van. It has PI heads and with adapter plates you can use the stock intake or perhaps the new Fox Lake P51 Intake. Besides the intake question, the electronics tune and the tweeking of the H-pipe to fit the wider header point, the installation seems to be pretty straight forward.

Has anyone started making the manifold adapters that would allow the PI intake to be bolted to the wider 5.4 engine?

If someone made a good 5.4 SOHC intake manifold and swap exhaust manifolds that hooked to stock H-pipes. The 5.4 SOHC swap would be hot hot hot.

A 5.4 with ported heads, bigger cams and tuning would make a great street engine. Torque all over the place and good hp too.
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DAM IT! Sorry I put this in the wrong forum. :bang:

Could a moderator please move this to the right place?

I've been jumping back and forth between 5.0 Tech and 4.6 Tech all day.