4 cyl bellhousing T5


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Aug 1, 2009
St.pete FL
okay, i'm doing my trans swap right now and running into an issue. when i was at astro swapping the trans it looked like the 4 cyl input shaft was smaller than the V8 input shaft. i got the new trans up into the bell housing and its not going into place it gets about a 3/8 of an inch away from the bell housing and jams doesn't go any further. also looks like the bolt patterns are off by 1/8-3/16 of an inch. am i just being a freakin moron or are the 4 cyl bell housings smaller than the V8 bell housings?
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alright, i will give that a shot my buddy left for the day i won't have any help he is pretty much fed up with the project. so i will have to come up with something. we tried depressing the clutch and i still wasn't able to get it in there. we should have checked to see if the trans was in neutral i thought daniel said it was but then again he may have asked me if it should be i think i just grunted at him le sigh.

also the speedo gear doesnt want to go in but i think it just needs some trans fluid to lube it up and that should be fine. hopefully i can get someone to give me a hand this evening.
im kinda confused..... the only difference between the 4 cyc input shaft and the 8 cyc is the pilot bearing diameter. The shaft is the same length. The pilot bearing diameter is smaller on the 4 cyc shaft. You need to make sure you have the correct pilot bearing in the flywheel to match the input shaft.

Sometimes the throw out bearing will hang up on the bearing retainer snout... make sure its smooth and lube it up.
okay this is what i did when i took the trans out, alls i did was took the bolts off of the bellhousing and dropped the actual trans didnt mess with the bellhousing or clutch or anything. the pilot bearing is in the bellhousing by the clutch right? so now i need to take the bellhousing down as well to replace the pilot bearing? christ all mighty i think i am in over my head :mad::nonono:
ok wait.

Is this a v8 or 4 cyc car?

what t5 are you puting in a 4 cyc or v8 t5 and what t5 did you remove a 4 cyc or v8 t5
Ok the bell housng should work fine. The borg warner 4 cy t5 and 8 cyc t5 will both bolt up to the v8 bell housing. The problem is the pilot bearing. You need to remove the bell housing and the clutch. You will need remove the pilot bearing and replace it with a v8 pilot bearg. There are difernt ways to do this. If you have a clutch alighnment tool you can pack grease into the bearing and use the alignment tool and hammer it into the pilot bearing the grease will force the bearing out. You ca also use bread and stuff it into the pilot bearing and use the aligment tool and hammer it in it will push the bearng out too.

I assume the astro t5 is just a beefed up regular t5?
for what its worth. If you are pulling the clutch out...you may want to just replace it. Also if the rear main seal is leaking now is the time to pop it out and put a new one in since you will be right there any how.
the rear main is dropping a couple drops during a nights sitting after the oil gets hot and thins. so i will get that replaced. the clutch was replaced recently with a RAM clutch and it is holding up fine. good call on the rear main, whos to say if i would have remembered or not.
the transmission that came out was a 4 cyl the one that is going in is a V8 T5. should i keep the pilot bearing just "incase"?

Just get yourself a v8 pilot bearing since your putting a v8 t5 back in and youll be good to go.:nice: