+40-45mm offset 17x9” wheel recommendations for 93 cobra

94-98 OEM Tri-Bar Wheels
And with the Tri-Bars you can go for the OEM 93 Cobra R look. They are 17x8 and used a 245/45/17 OEM tire.

The easiest way to identify to spindle is the steering arm. 94/95 spindles step up and 96+ are basically straight out to the tie rod.

My 90 has the 96+ spindles on fox control arms with the Mathis mod. I am still running 4 lug and have a 245/50/16 front tire on a 16x8 rim. I get a slight rub a full steering turn in one direction only. The drivers side tire touches the plastic inner fender every so slightly. With the Mathis mod and this spindle, I lowered my steering rack with offset rack bushings and do not need a bump steer kit (tie rods and control arm are basically parallel at ride height). I have a Granatelli coil over with 300lb springs on an OEM strut.

My 5 lug plans are to go with Torque Thrust 2's, 17x8 (either 0 or +8mm offest) with a 245/45/17 tire.

IMG_1400.JPG IMG_1401.JPG
I'm pretty sure the tire in the pic is a 245/45/17.
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