40th Anniv 40th Anniversary Stangers...

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New Member
Jan 27, 2008
Tyler, Texas
ok everyone this is the deal.... NOT EVERYONE THAT OWNS A 2004 MUSTANG HAS A 40th anv. first off if its not CRIMSON RED/ WHITE / BLACK then you do not have the special edition package.
now if you have a crimson red 04 you do have a 40th anv. mustang
if you have a black or white stang you need to look for some other 40th anv. features ie. gold racing stripes/side view mirrors that fold (like a cobra)/ rims that have a gold tint/ 40th anv. badge right in front of shifter/spoiler delete (sometime... I have a spoiler)/ 40th anv floor mats
now FYI everyone has the 40th anv. badge on the side of your car that does not mean it is a 40th anv. edition mustang.
If you dont want us to all chime in like me 04 Silver 5 speed GT, Why dont you get a mod to change the title to 40th Special instead of 40th Aniv.


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Oct 20, 2006
yeah anything made in 04 is a 40th, cause heres something that will just blow your freakin mind. IT WAS THE 40TH YEAR OF PRODUCTION. Specify next time if you dont want smartass's
That or hope that we don't get DUMBASS's that don't know what they are talking about. If you don't know what a TRUE 40th Anniversary Mustang is then don't waste our time since you obviously don't know much about Mustangs.


Sep 25, 2011
Ventura County
How the **** can any of you not know if you have a "Limited Edition" mustang or not????? It should have something on the guage cluster, like my '99 Limited it says 35th Anniversary, whereas a regular 99 GT has a plain black panel. There are obvious differences, and none of them performance. Only looks. But hey, a numbered car is better in my opinion, my car is worth about 2000 more than a regular GT, using all the sources available to me and averaging it out.

I think the 99's were more worth it, back then, to get the limited, the 40th really isnt anything special, imo. My car is very often confused with a Mach1.
LMFAO your car is NOOOO :nono:where near looking like a Mach1 :lol: Welll atleast he tried :nice: