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Nov 29, 1999
Im trying to get a collection of pics of you all with your Stangs. I am doing a whole Ford/Mustang theme in the garrage and figured there are soooo many nice Stangs on here itd be cool to print and frame them for the garrage. Since I consider alot of you as my friends I thought itd be even better if I could get a shot with you and your ride. If your shy or fugly you can just PM me so others dont give you crap. I hope some of you are willing to do it as the finished product should be great :nice:
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Thanks 1991, was thinking this might be a total waste. Sammich wont do pics becaus really hes a girl. Frankey because the opposite. GTO cause hes fugly and S&B cause he really dont look like the Hass :stick:
here you go. ill start the pic posting.