5.0 computer reaction to cam and injectors


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Mar 15, 2008
Sorry for my ignorance. I am building a 97 5.0 with a "z" ford racing cam and wondering if the comuputer will be able to deal with it. Also I have an MSD ignition system. I have seen the connectors from the MSD box to the coil, but there is another connection to the distributor. Does the computer have to commuinicate with the distributor or only the box? Also I am thinking of increasing the size of the injectors. I am not sure what size would be appropriate for this setup. If the computer cannot handle this new setup. What programmer or chip do you suggest to get the computer to operate properly?
Thank you for any suggestion
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we need to know the supporting mods your going to do to the engine to handle that cam, that cam is huge so your going to have to notch the pistons with pretty much all the heads, and get a bigger intake, maf, tb etc....

I think you mean 87, if this is the case then yes you will need to swap it over to maf...