5.0 HO trick flow problems


New Member
Oct 27, 2009
I have got a 5.0 HO in a 1949 f-1 pickup, i have built the engine with the trick flow top end kit, twisted wedge heads, new 70mm throttle body and egr plate. 24 lb injectors, new fuel pump, adjustable regulator, msd box new 8.5 wires, plugs, the list goes on. I am having a problem while revving the engine, it will start to rev fine when it gets to what sounds like about 2000 rpm it starts shaking and kind of popping out the exhaust. I have had it to 2 different guys and they burnt a chip and still can not get it out of it. Anybody ran across this before?? Possibly its a mount or balancer? i had the truck running with a stock 5.0 HO in it before. And it ran like a top. no problems. anybody got any suggestions as to what to check or what could be wrong with it.
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we got the msd box because the stock ignition was not doing any better. the msd box is new. it is at idle, driving it stumbles and falls on its face. put a new maf to match the 24 lb injectors tonight. did not help any still at about half throttle it misses and cuts out. made block off plate for egr valve cuz the guy that burnt the chip said he bypassed the egr valve or something. so made the block off plate and started it, did not get to run it much but it kind of idles up and down when started like its the iac problem but its all good, have checked all of it.