5.0 Power drop and clanging noise


Active Member
Apr 8, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Driving my mustang back from the alignment shop yesterday I was getting a lot of clanging/clattering in the exhaust. Almost like there was a nut or something in one of the cats. It had been doing this a little for a little while and yesterday it just got much worse. This was accompanied by a significant drop in power and the exhaust note changed. I thought a rocker had jumped off/come loose so I pulled the valve covers today to take a look and everything seems to be in place.

When I pulled the intake off, a bunch of fuel came out of the EGR tubes on the throttle body. I'm not sure where to look next, any ideas? This car is giving me all kinds of headaches, I just want it to be ready to drive for the season! The engine is stock by the way.
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