5.4l crank?

Here's the age old question. I'm not a fan of the 4.6l bore path. Considered stroking, but that lead to another question. Ford introduced a 5.4l. Basically a supersized 4.6l. I like the build quality of the GT500 crank with a 5.4l. Almost all mention rod length. Never once considered getting longer rods. Actually just upgrading to cobra. Some posts mention shaving on the bottom bore. Does anyone know if the angle comes into play on the 4.6l? I feel like rod journals and counterweights aren't a deal breaker. How can we make just the crank work with 4.6l connecting rods. Don't cheap out and lecture the community on tranny related issues.
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The blocks are different between the two, you’d need the counterweights shaved down, shorter rods than the 4,6 uses, and at the end of the day you’d have a very unsatisfactory engine that you spent too much money on Trying to shove that in a 4.6 block. If you want a 5.4 gotta use a 5.4 block
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I don't dare do that to my Knob
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Dec 30, 2002
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Crank needs offset ground and resized, counterweights need to be machined down 1/4" on the crank, lower bored needs to be clearanced for the rod swing, and custom rods and pistons are needed. Rod ratio is crappy, piston pulls out of the bottom of the bore quite a bit, and not very rev friendly. There is a reason nobody does this.


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Sep 26, 2017
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When racing there is a saying
Run what you brung
That 4.6 runs good enough and is one of the better ford plants
5.4 on the other hand is a great and powerful big problem motor that put my kids thru college
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Tell me if I'm wrong here, but for the GT flywheel parts are going to rack up by switching to 8-bolt main. If I could I would use the Cobra connecting rods on that 2011 GT500 crank for the 5.4l, with the PI correct -18cc dish pistons. How, is that not Ford having our back?