6 Speed Transmission Problems 2015 5.0


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May 3, 2017
Greetings, first post on this site. I'm looking at buying a 2015 GT from a dealer. I can't take it for a test drive as the service department says the third gear synchro is T/U. Is this a rare situation or typical? Also is California emissions a factor or pretty much standard equipment?
The car is in super condition cosmetically with 25k miles.
Thanks ,Jim
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Hey Jim, welcome to Stangnet.

I'll move your thread over to our S550 subforum. You'll get hooked up with other owners of the newest mustang. They'll be able to tell you more about issues you might have with this model.

Good to,have you with us.
Unless they are willing to fix or replace the trans, walk away. Back in 2005 ford went to remote mounted shifter on the manual trans. Basically the shifter is rigidly mounted to the underside of the trans tunnel and there is moveable linkage connecting it to the trans, when the engine and trans torque or rotate under load, it causes a misalignment of the linkage from the shifter. Now fast forward to 2011 with the increase in power to over 400 hp and the introduction of the mt-82 six speed manual the remote mount shifter design has become a major problem. The simple fix is to install a shifter support bracket from blowfish racing, it relocates the shifter mount back onto the trans, so now it moves with the trans under load eliminating the flex and prolonging trans life.


Now this bracket will not, I repeat, will not fix a broken trans. It will only pro long the life of a good trans
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Kinda makes you wonder how it's been driven for all of it's 25k life.
But in all fairness I did test drive a brand new 2013 mustang gt track pack and that thing grinded 3rd every time.
The car is notorious for having a bad transmission, but I like it. I don't shift my car to hard or quickly.. and from the other guys on youtube quick shifting is not its thing.
If they give you a new tranny, it's definitely something to consider.

In case you were wondering. I did not buy the 2013. You couldn't find a review on that car without someone complaining about that tranny.
A buddy of mine has a 2011 GT with the mt-82 trans and third is gone in his. He hasn't driven it in over a year. He has a T-56 waiting to go in, he just needs the time to do it. Ford improved the design on the 15+ but they still have the remote mount shifter, that's why I put a shifter support bracket on mine right after I bought it, I only had about 200 miles on it when it went on.
My Barton short throw should get in around the 15th. I'm a little slow, but the shifter wasn't a big concern of mine for the 15+..
Im pushing just over 3k miles on my '16. I intend to keep my shifter body mounted as opposed to being mounted on the tranny.
It's a bit pricey but I think it'll be worth it in the long run.