600rwhp fuel upgrades


New Member
Jul 11, 2005
Vernon, CT
I am going to be upgrading my S-Trim to a T-trim in my goal to reach 600rwhp w/out spraying my Intercooler. My current fuel setup is 03 cobra tank, twin svt focus pumps,KB BAP, and 60lb injectors stock fuel rails. Will this safely supply enough fuel for 600rwhp or do I need to upgrade some components. I am confident the T-trim will make the power I just want to make sure the rest of the setup can support it.
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Right now I'm at 515 with 42's BAP and dual Cobra pumps. I plan going to 60's this month and new stage 3 heads from mmr. That should get me close to 600. I think you should fine. Do you still have the PPRV in the tank? Removing mine helped to free up a little duty cycle,
i'm running a cobra tank, twin GT pumps, PPRV delete, modded FPDM, 8ga. wire to the pumps, CPR rails, 60# injectors and 8 AN lines.

i've been told my setup should go 650 with ease. i would ditch the focus pumps and get a pair of GT pumps