65 289 Shelby Headers


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Sep 3, 2013
Guys please bear with me I am a new user and newish owner based in Darwin NT. I have a 65 Fastback with 289 top loader 4 speed 9 " diff. I have been waiting nearly four months to get new headers, I was told they where probably original Shelbies, so we ordering new from US. We have tried to install but they hit on the starter motor and crank case. Seller has said that Shelby made a wide set as well, but can not purchase any more. Any suggestions to keep the note and performance, ideally quality genuine part in Aust, or at least next best options current mild cam and high compression.
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i tried the Shelby headers once in a 65 fast back i was building.they hit something as well ,i do not remember what though.i finally went with Headman long tube headers and i liked then very much.with power steering you will have to use the lowering bracket for the ram but with manual steering they fit with out a dent.
I had the reproduction shelby headers, they fit but did hit my steering arm.They cam close to the starter but didnt touch.I heated it and dimpled it and they were fine to clear the steering.. They did not go below the frame rails so they NEVER touched the street even though my car is very low.My freind had Hooker long tubes and he wore a hole on the bottom from scrapping so much and his car wasnt as low.