66 Mustang 6-Cyl with A/C - heater hose


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Aug 20, 2020
Hey, everybody,

I have a '66 with the actual Sprint Package that was also ordered with air conditioning. When I started to restore the engine compartment (to as original as possible), I noticed the heater hose coming out of the base of the carburetor to the front of the engine had a bad kink in it because of the way it was routed. It was attached to the engine using the same heater hose connection as a non-air conditioned car. This cannot be correct! The hose cannot be routed this way because the compressor mounting bracket is in the way. The original hose was kinked so badly to try and fit it in behind the mounting bracket, that I suspect this car never had much heat, if any at all.

My question is, how is this heater hose supposed to be attached? I'm guessing that there should be a 90 degree fitting to attach the hose to the engine, a fitting that comes out of the front of the engine and immediately bends upward to allow the attachment of the hose without a sharp bend. However, I can find no such fitting pictured on any website, and no part available from a parts supplier (I've looked all over). Obviously, I can easily make something up that would work, but I wanted to know if anyone has information regarding the way Ford intended for this to be attached. Since there aren't a lot of 6-cyl cars with AC left to look at, I was hoping someone might be able to show me how Ford intended for this hose to be routed.


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