67' Coupe Cuts Out (dies) Making Right Turns

So, my daughter's driving home from school today and twice (2 trips) her 67' cut off making a right turn in the exact same place. She said it didn't buck/cough/misfire, just died. Restarted both times with no issues and drove home with no issues. Sounds like an electrical wire (coil) shorting to the block from the inertia of the turn, but I was wondering if any gurus know something about the 67' that may cause this. A few specs:
289 2brl
petronix ingnition
electric fan
stock other than that.

No history of this problem and fired up ran great when I got home.
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More info: Thinking about the drive home it's ~2mi down a hill then 1/4mi to the right turn. The fuel is at about 1/2 tank, is it possible that the fuel tank baffle (assuming 67' has one) is going bad or is bad so the car is dieing due to fuel starvation? I plan to check this out this weekend should be simple enough, drive down the hill.
Thanks for the feedback. Gas gauge is good to go, not out of fuel. Took it out today and ran it all over town, and opened it up on I395 (won't discuss how fast)... ;) I couldn't get it to die. I'm going to change the fuel filters, wires, cap rotor and clean the carb essentially give it a tune-up. I think it just needed a little opening up, my daughter only drives about 3 miles a day to school and back so it doesn't get good an warmed up. Funny, never gives me any issues!