68 289 2V Budget Build Advice


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Feb 29, 2004
Hey All, I am in the middle of a 1926ish Model T build. The chassis is now a roller and I am moving on to the body and engine. When I got the body, it belong to my wife's grandfather, my father in law gave me a 1968 289 2V with a C4 that was pulled from a Falcon with 20,000 miles on it in the early 70s to go with it. The engine still turns over and was complete including the air cleaner. My original plan was to get it running and just run it as is......and then I started thinking.....so I am going to do a budget performance build. After a ton of research here is what I believe the engine specs are. 1968 289 2v with 63cc heads, 8:1 compression, 2BBL stock intake with a Autolite 2300 carb. My plan is to put flat top pistons to move the compression closer to 8.7ish, mill the heads .030 to bring it up to 9.5ish. Pin the stock rocker arm studs and install TFS beehive springs with the stock rockers and better pushrods. I am going to port match the heads, grind out the egr humps, and a light polish. To finish the top end I will use the edelbrock performer RPM cam and intake with a 1406 (600 cfm with vac sec) carb. I am keeping the C4, putting in a 2500 stall converter and using 3.90 gears in the axle. For exhaust, I have custom fit headers with 2.5" collectors. I know there are better head choices but I like the look of the cast iron and really don't want to put a ton of money into the heads. The car will be a light Model T bobber that will obviously not spend a lot of time on the highway. Anybody have any recommendations or suggestions for the plan? Any help is appreciated!
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