68 Coupe Coil Spring Help


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Feb 21, 2010
I bought a 68 coupe without an engine or interior. According to the VIN, it was originally an I6. It was updated to an 8 at some point. I have an 87 5.0L being rebuilt to drop in it. My guess is it was raced at some point (the linelocker was a clue). I'm in the process of replacing the front suspension before dropping the engine in (new tie rods, LCA's, ball joints, etc.). Since I was pulling the coil springs to replace the upper ball joint, I decided to put new springs in. I ordered new springs from CJ Pony ( CS8534 68-70 302351 69-70 Boss 302 1968-1970). I pulled the first spring and compared it to the new ones. Placing them upside down on a flat surface and measuring from the inside to the end of the coil, the old one is 16 3/4" and the new ones are 15". The wire diameter appears to be the same. Should I assume the old ones were meant for a much larger engine than my 5.0L or should I question whether or not I was sent the wrong ones? They had no markings or sticker.
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The new springs are probably 1 inch lowering springs. If the old springs were sagging the new shorter ones will probably not make the car sit much different.
You'll probably end up around stock height I would guess depending on how stiff the replacement springs are - 560, 620.
My 1" drop 550 springs from NPD were 12" tall and the stock 289 coils were 16" tall so 1" less isn't much from stock. The 12" springs dropped my car to where the fender lips were 1/2" above the tire tread of my 15" wheels, but each cars a little different.